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When we started our company in 2016, we searched for a name that represented what we stood for and what we wanted to achieve. Key words and phrases included: bravery, exploration, a passion for discovering new ways to do things, cutting through the clutter, and bringing brands to life.

The ‘Moonraker’ is the highest sail on a ship and was used by the first sea explorers to navigate the globe. The big dipper was the star that would point true north and the Moonraker sail was used to set the course.

We named our company Moonraker Creative, and as such, we work closely with the stars (our clients) to plot an effective communication course of the digital marketing world, propelled by savvy thinking, creativity, passion and drive!

Moonraker Creative is a strategic, digital, traditional and non-traditional agency all rolled into one. We know that with the ever-changing media landscape we cannot adopt a one approach fits all when it comes to different brands so we’ll tailor-make a solution unique to your brand and audience. 
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